Boy playing with toys

The best toys for kids are ones that help their development and the best way to do that is through PLAY! And ToyDip know a thing or two about play. 

Why are toys important for kids? Because they encourage them to use their imagination, creativity, problem-solving skills and can even help babies with their dexterity, motor skills and hand-eye coordination. We won’t bore you with the technical terms but the perfect toys for children are ‘open-ended’ toys and these ‘open-ended’ toys can positively impact your child’s development. An ‘open-ended’ toy is basically a toy that can be played in many different ways!  

ToyDip offer a wide range of cheap ‘open-ended’ toys for all ages. 

Phlat Ball Woosh – this toy is a perfect example as it transforms from a disc and a ball allowing for multiple ways of play: it can be rolled, thrown and frisbeed.  

Mega Bloks Peek-A-Blocks Amusement Park – building blocks help children’s imagination and problem solving as they stack and construct. 

LOL Surprise Fashion Show On The Go – dress up allows children to really let their imagination run wild when they can team outfits with accessories.  

Barbie Surprise Career Doll with Accessories – it’s even more fun when you add the element of ‘real-life’ with the career doll allowing your child to become anything! 

Play-Doh Create and Store Play Tub – this is the perfect ‘open-ended’ toy for any child of any age. They can create anything with Play-Doh as this tub comes packed with multiple colours and accessories. This toy can really get your little one’s imagination going and it is a great playtime that even parents can join in with. 

Why not check out our website and see the other ‘open-ended’ toys we have to offer?