Are Toys Just for Children 

Are toys just for children? … We’ve already talked about how toys help your child’s development but what about older children or adults? How can toys help you and your teenagers that have ‘grown out’ of play? (We think teenagers secretly want to play with dollies or action figures, but they just won’t admit it…) 

Scott Eberle PhD, the vice president for play studies at The Strong National Museum of Play asked ‘do we stop playing with toys? Or is it that we change the toys we play with?’. Eberle went on to say that our attitudes change towards play and become more instrumental, specialised, and complex.  

The way adults see toys are different.  

Do you still have a deck full of Pokemon cards, Star Wars action figures or Harry Potter Lego sets? We hold them for nostalgia. We collect them. We show them off in cabinets.  

Here at ToyDip we have a few gold nuggets of nostalgia for our parents to give to their kids… or keep for themselves. (No one cares – wear the Star Wars mask).  

Some of our FAVOURITES:  

Star Wars Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker's Red X-Wing Fighter Vehicle – a classic for any Star Wars fan!  

Funko 5 Star Dr. Egon Spengler – a collectible for our 80s parents.  

Funko 5 Star Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister – this collectible is perfect for our Game of Throne fanatics.  

Check out our website for even more nostalgic classics for you and your children to enjoy together.