9 Rainy Day Ideas For Parents

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Hello Autumn. With the seasons changing to colder, darker and wetter weather, many parents will start to feel the pressure of entertaining their kids with fun rainy day activities. 

We believe that rain should never stop playtime, so here are our 9 fun filled ideas for parents.


1) The Great Mini Baker

An easy sell - mix the batter, bake and have your kids decorate cupcakes how they like! One question though, who’s scraping the bowl afterwards?

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2) Get The Board Games Out

Not just for Christmas, board games might be now old fashioned, but the fun is all the same. Warning: may cause mini tantrums.


Check out a whole host of family favourite games, here: toydip.com/collections/board-games


3) Bring The Outdoors Inside

Do what you would have done outside, indoors. This can be a delicious picnic and perhaps creating an indoor camping experience by building a fort made out of blankets and pillows.

Source: Setting Mind


4) Have A Movie Day

No rainy day list is complete without a movie day! Mix up your movie marathon by adding everyone's choices into a hat and drawing them one at a time. Who’s getting the popcorn?


5) Play Dress-Up (Dads Included)

Take movie day one step further and have everyone (yes, including you Dad) dress up as a character or famous person.


6) Arts & Crafts

Put the beautiful Autumn leaves to use in your arts and crafts session. It’s a great way for your little ones to show off their artistic impression.

 Arts & Crafts
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7) Play Some Tunes

Turn up the volume on the favourite family tunes and get silly dancing and singing! Use a wooden spoon as a mic and make your living room a mini-disco.


8) Science!

Science doesn’t need to be boring, try your hand at some cool experiments and your children will feel like geniuses. 

Check out this great list of science experiments, here.


9) Head Outdoors!

That’s right, a little rain never hurt anyone. If you’re getting cabin fever stuck indoors, it's time to have some fun in the rain. Go for a walk and splash in the puddles, have a family bike ride or even go for a swim - you can’t get anymore wet!

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Get Involved

Which one are you going to try first? Let us know how you get on or if you’ve got more ideas of your own - leave a comment below.

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