How Reviewing Toys Made Ryan's World The Highest-Paid YouTuber

You may have seen your child watch videos of his crazy antics on YouTube, but who is Ryan Kaji - aka Ryan's World? We dive into the child star and how he became the highest paid YouTuber 3 years running!


Who is Ryan?

Ryan is a now 10 year old boy from Texas who started YouTube at just 3 years of age, after watching toy review videos and asking his mother, "How come I'm not on YouTube when all the other kids are?" and thus began his career as a content creator… with a little help from mum and dad.

 Ryan's Family
Source: Explosion


What does he make videos about?

Predominantly made for children aged 2-6, his videos and audience have grown up with him, but with still the same fun in a “mash-up of a vlog and 'unboxing' video", as described by The Verge.


Formerly called ‘Ryan ToysReview’, the clue is in the name. Each video sees him with new and exciting toys to play with and explore. His influence is so big, that his review of toys can even affect their sales!


Releasing daily videos across multiple channels, each video receives over one million views per video. In fact, his channel has garnered over 48 BILLION views in total… mind blowing.


Interested to know how many views his top played video has? Over 2 BILLION views. And because you’re now curious, here’s the video:

So much does the highest paid YouTuber make?

This title isn’t an easy feat but Ryan has managed to be king for 3 years running beating the likes of Mr. Beast. The child influencer rakes in $30 million a year and is reported to earn a further estimated $200 million from Ryan’s World branded toys and clothing, as well as undisclosed multimillion-dollar deals including his own TV show with Nickelodeon.


Friendly, fun or harmful advertisement?

That’s the question posed by the US Federal Trade Commission, who are threatening investigation over allegations that video sponsors are not properly disclosed. Almost all of the channel's videos feature paid product recommendations, with the argument being that the children being targeted are too young enough to understand the difference between an advert and a playful review. What do you think?


At ToyDip we make sure to disclose any collaborations with influencers and advise on the UK’s advertising standards.


But what does he do with all the toys?

When you’re sent as many toys as Ryan is, it’s impossible to keep them all! So if you’re lucky enough to be related to him or his best bud in school, the family gives a lot of the toys away, including as donations to charities.

 Toy Master Challenge Ryan
Source: YouTube


It’s Ryan’s World and we’re just living in it

Who would have figured that a young boy playing with toys would become such a global hit? This really is Ryan’s World after all.

Now that you’re probably plotting your child’s future as the next YouTube sensation, please keep us in mind for your toy unboxing videos and get in touch for our Brand Ambassador programme, here.