Toy box at playtime

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Tired of trying to dodge the painful tripping hazards that can be toys? While most of us can agree that children have too many toys, they have a way of taking over. 

In this article we will cover why having too many is a bad thing, and what you can do to reduce the pile in the corner.

Okay, let’s begin.

Too many toy options

It will be no surprise for you to hear that more options can be distracting, now picture a child having this dilemma and you should be able to see why studies have shown that fewer toys lead to a more focused and creative playtime. 

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of 8 ways that you can cut down on the number of toys.

1) Pass them down

Babies, toddlers and children all outgrow their toys and so if your family is getting bigger or expected to be in the future, you can simply put them to one side until you’re ready to pass them down.

2) Get rid of any duplicates

I think we can all agree to have 3 or 4 of the same dinosaur or barbie might be a bit overkill.

3) Put a limit on the number of toys

Limiting to under 4 toys for a baby, 8 for a toddler and up to 12 for a child, as a flexible guide. Or you might want to try the famous 20-toy rule.

4) Rotate for a variety

“But won’t my kids get bored with the same old toys?” This is where rotation comes into play. Have a toy selection out on display and rest in a locked toy box. Then, once a week or so, you can ask your little one if they’d like to change any for the next week. 

Try not to change them all, consistency is needed to fully engage with each plaything.

5) Let go of them if they’re not interested anymore

When children turn five years old they will begin to show clear preferences in what they play with and will start asking for specific toys, which means there will be toys left over that don’t make the cut, whether they are your favourites or not!

6) Make plans for Christmas

Stopping grandparents spoiling their kids, we know, it's an impossible task. Instead of asking for no toys or fewer of them, try asking them to gift something that they don’t already have, as a wider range of toys is much more beneficial than a larger amount.

7) Leave some toys at grandparents

Speaking of grandparents, why not leave a selection at their house for stay overs and visits?

8) Give away to charity

It won’t be easy for your children to give away their toys, so you should take it slow. But one way in which you can also make this process a life lesson in selflessness is giving them away to a charity and the less fortunate, who will treasure them.

The value of toys

Whilst it may be inevitable that your children will have more than they need, having too many toys and playing with them is still better than the modern-day alternative of sticking a tablet in front of them. And although we have focused on the quantity in this article, you can never substitute the value playing with toys brings to your children.

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