Minecraft Legends The Devourer Action Figure & Playset

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Minecraft Legends The Devourer Action Figure & Playset

Take on the thrill of Minecraft Legends and conquer the Overworld with the Minecraft Legends Devourer Figure. This action-packed playset features the intimidating Devourer figure spewing slime, along with the heroic Ranger figure standing at 3.25 inches, ready to battle and protect (and maybe even make some mushroom soup)! Simply attach the mushroom spore to the Devourer, fill it with slime, and watch it spew out in all its disgusting glory! And for an extra touch of hilarity, squeeze the mushroom spore to make the Devourer vomit all over the included Ranger. These figures mirror the iconic characters from the Minecraft Legends video game and will surely delight any Minecraft fan with their supersized villain-y goodness!

Special Features

  • Includes: 1x Devourer figure, heroic Ranger figure
  • Get ready for slime-spewing action with the Minecraft Legends giant figure of the Devourer and the courageous Ranger 3.25 in-scale action figure
  • Attach the mushroom spore to the Devourer and pour in the included slime
  • Tilt down the Devourer and squeeze the mushroom spore to launch a disgustingly hilarious vomit attack all over the Ranger
  • The designs and personality details of these character figures stay true to the unique, pixelated world of Minecraft Legends!
  • Suitable for ages 6 years+
  • Manufacturer Product No: HNC08


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