FurReal Koala Kristy

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FurReal Koala Kristy

The FurReal Koala Kristy pet is an adorable addition to the FurReal family. She walks when you pet her on the head or wave her rattle in front of her. When you talk to her, she responds with the sweetest baby-koala sounds. Feed her with her bottle and (cuteness alert!) she’ll coo and kick and make happy feeding noises. Her head and legs are poseable, so she can sit and keep you company when she’s not busy walking about. You’ll love taking care of this sweet baby!

Special Features

  • THIS CUTE KOALA IS ON THE GO: Pet this Koala Kristy toy on her head or shake her rattle in front of her – she’ll walk and make happy sounds

  • TALK TO HER & SHE BABBLES BACK: She’s speaking in Koala, of course, but you’ll know what she means- need to reword this, as the user won't *really* know what she means

  • A WALKING KOALA IS A HUNGRY KOALA: Feed this sweetie her bottle and she’ll coo, kick, and make feeding sounds

  • 60+ SOUNDS & REACTIONS: You’re never quite sure how she’ll respond next

  • Includes: pet, rattle, 4x AA batteries and instructions

  • Age: 4+
  • Manufacturer Product No: E9618

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