DreamWorks TrollsTopia Harmony Friends Pack

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Get ready for adventures with the DreamWorks Trolls of TrollsTopia. The Harmony Friends pack includes five different DreamWorks Trolls dolls: DreamWorks Poppy, Val, R & B and Holly Darlin'. And Holly's a Surprise Hair figure, which means that when children squeeze this Trolls toy's hair, they'll discover a critter hiding inside. And when they pull that out and squeeze it, there's another, small critter inside that one. It's a surprise inside a surprise! Kids can pull them out and imagine fun with all five of these characters and the critters from the animated series DreamWorks Trolls TrollsTopia.

Look out for other TrollsTopia toys too, featuring characters like Branch, Mr Dinkles, Cooper and Biggie for more ways to play with these delightful characters. (Other toys sold separately. Subject to availability.) DreamWorks TrollsTopia © DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Special Features

  • HARMONY FRIENDS PACK: inspired by the series DreamWorks TrollsTopia, this set of collectible dolls includes five different characters: DreamWorks Poppy, Val, Holly Darlin', R and B
  • SURPRISES INSIDE SURPRISES: set includes one Surprise Hair figure. Squeeze Holly Darlin's hair and find a critter inside. Pull that out and there's another critter inside
  • START A DREAMWORKS TROLLS COLLECTION: from fashion dolls to collectibles, there's something for almost every fan of Trolls aged 4 and up. (Other toys sold separately. Subject to availability.)
  • TOYS FROM THE WORLD OF DREAMWORKS TROLLS: discover toys based on the DreamWorks TrollsTopia programme and the films DreamWorks Trolls and Trolls World Tour
  • INSPIRED BY THE SERIES DREAMWORKS TROLLS TROLLSTOPIA: in this programme, life for the Pop Trolls is a non-stop party led by Poppy, joined by the Rock, Country, Techno, Funk and Classical Trolls
  • Manufacturer Product Number: F0425
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