Dragon Ball Limit Breaker Super Saiyan Broly

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Create your own Dragon Ball world with these awesome Limit Breaker figures. The realism of these 13-inch favourites transport you to the imaginative world of Dragon Ball. Recreate your favourite scenes at home. Super durable to survive even the fiercest battles you put them through.

The rage Broly feels upon the death of his father (Paragas) triggers his transformation to Super Saiyan. He breaks free of the controlling device and emerges as a behemoth with a massive muscular form and spiked hair. This transition unleashes his sadistic side and he invokes the fear of death with the mantra - kill everything that moves.

Special Features

  • BANDAI’S DRAGON BALL SUPER LIMIT BREAKER 13-INCH FIGURE: Fans, collectors, and kids of all ages will be thrilled by Bandai’s Dragon Ball Super Limit Breaker figure. It brings the exciting world of Dragon Ball Super right into your home.
  • DESIGN INSPIRED BY THE POPULAR ANIME TV SERIES: The 13-inch Bandai’s Dragon Ball Super Limit Breaker has a super authentic look so you can recreate your favourite scenes from the TV show. It is both playable and durable and will survive any battles you put it through.
  • COOL ANIME INSPIRED PACKAGING: Figure comes packaged with impressive Japanese inspired design.
  • AUTHENTIC ARTICULATION AND REALISTIC DETAILS: High quality, the well-made 13-inch figure has 5 points of articulation for you to perfectly pose, play, and display your love of the character and the world of Dragon Ball Super.
  • Manufacturer Product Number: 36237
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