Crayola Dual Sided Dry Erase Board Set

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Create, erase, create again. Two surfaces; one white, one black. Write or draw with the special, brightly coloured dry erase crayons and simply wipe off with the machine washable mitt. Erases cleanly, but won’t easily brush off.

Ideal solution for doodling, taking notes, writing messages, and keeping score during family game time. The erasable surface means you won't waste paper when it's time for another message or to start keeping score for a new game.

Special Features

  • Have twice the fun with this dual-sided activity board
  • Experiment with different colours on both the black and white boards to see which stand out best
  • User friendly, easily transportable Dry Erase surface, ideal for use at home
  • Works with all Dry Erase products – crayons, pencils and markers
  • Contains: Dual-sided board, 8 bright crayons, sharpener and EZ erase mit
  • Manufacturer Product Number: 98-8638
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