Barbie Colour Reveal Tie Dye Fashion Maker

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Barbie Colour Reveal Tie Dye Fashion Maker

Unleash the ultimate unboxing adventure with the Barbie Colour Reveal Tie Dye Fashion Maker gift set, equipped with 50 surprises! You'll be surprised to discover not one, but two Colour Reveal Barbie and Chelsea dolls coated in vibrant neon tie dye. Get creative with the Magic Fashion Reveal Tablet, featuring white clothing for dyeing, a complete toolkit for tie-dyeing, and over 35 fashion-themed pieces. But the fun doesn't stop there - there's also a cute Color Reveal puppy, color-changing surprises, and a stylish scrunchie for kids to dye and wear. And the best part? The neon paint is washable, so you can reveal and repeat endlessly. Mix and match your own tie-dye looks for Barbie and Chelsea, and don't forget the finishing touches with funky accessories. Note: Dolls cannot stand alone and colors and decorations may vary. It's tie-dye time, let's get colorful!

Special Features

  • With 50 surprises, the Barbie Color Reveal Tie-Dye Fashion Maker gift set delivers the ultimate unboxing experience!
  • Kids unbox this multi-piece set to find Barbie and Chelsea Color Reveal dolls, a Color Reveal pet puppy and everything needed to tie-dye and style doll clothes for Barbie and Chelsea dolls!
  • To start the reveal, fill the tube with warm water, place the doll or pet inside and swirl around -- the water changes color for a magical effect!
  • Kids open the mystery bags to find 4 customizable fashions, a Magic Fashion Reveal Tablet with 4 more customizable fashions, a scrunchie, a tie-dye kit with 3 bottles of washable paint and 35 fashion studio pieces!
  • Place the Magic Fashion Reveal Tablet into water to magically reveal 4 of the customizable fashions -- all 8 fashions and the scrunchie can be tie-dyed!
  • To tie-dye, squeeze paint onto the fabric fashions, spray with the spray bottle to set, use the tools to swirl, then remove and place on the drying station -- kids will find it easy to create their own custom outfits for Barbie and Chelsea dolls!
  • Dress the 2 mannequins and hang the clothing on the dress rack with the hangars to admire the colorful looks created; then style Barbie and Chelsea dolls with the clothes and accessories.
  • Wash the tie-dye clothing and scrunchie for a blank canvas and to start all over again -- kids can create new tie-dye looks again and again to explore style and self-expression!
  • Find even more surprises -- use icy cold and warm water for color-change transformations that can be repeated over and over!
  • With so many pieces and activities, this Barbie playset makes a great gift for kids 4 years and older, especially young creatives and designers!
  • Manufacturer Product No: HCD29

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