Monopoly Junior

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Monopoly Junior

Introducing Monopoly Junior, the perfect board game for kids who want to rule the world of property and cash!

This fun and exciting game allows your child to learn valuable life skills such as decision-making, money management, and negotiation while having a blast with their friends and family. With simplified rules and easy gameplay, even the youngest players can jump right in and start buying properties, collecting rent, and building their empire!

Special features

  • Easy to learn and play, perfect for kids ages 5 and up
  • Colourful and engaging board and game pieces, including kid-friendly tokens like a cute cat and a toy car
  • Fast-paced gameplay with simplified rules that keep the action moving and prevent boredom
  • Teaches valuable life skills like decision-making, money management, and negotiation in a fun and interactive way
  • Perfect for family game night or for your child's next birthday party
  • Manufacturer Product No: A6984

So why wait? Get your child Monopoly Junior today and watch as they become the next big-time property tycoon!

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